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The Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler will help you complete numerous home projects in no time. With the Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler, you can measure awkward and hard to trace angles become effortlessly. This remarkable tool handles all sorts of measurements easily- including plumb cuts, radius cuts, bulls eyes, arches and many other unique shapes.

Angle Measuring Tool Helps You Get Perfect Angles Every-time

Share from a Tool Talk’s friend:

“One of my good old friend recommended me a tool which measures any angle without re-measuring it over and over. Well that sounded perfectly for me as I do house work on weekly basis.

I don’t need professional tools, but I’d also rather not waste money on really terrible ones. Therefore, I took my friends advice and bought the measuring template tool.

And it actually did a good job. I didn’t had to re-adjust everything every single time (like you would do with any other tool)”.

Where to buy Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler tool

Create perfect, high quality layouts in no time

Tired of measuring that same angle over and over again, taking incorrect measurements. Or wasting money and materials with inaccurate cuts? This multi-angle ruler locks in exact angles, so you can take perfectly precise measurements on every project. Whether you need to measure exact right angles or are working with a variety oblique and acute angles to create an ornate design. This easy angle ruler is the ultimate template tool for craftsmen, architects, tile setters, seamstresses and artists.


  • Dual-calibrated to inches and centimeters
  • Plastic screws securely lock in angles
  • Made of lightweight, durable plastic
  • Compact design collapses for safe and easy storage
  • Includes flat carpenter pencil for easy marking

Dành cho bạn nào thích làm mộc , cắt gạch , tạo cở mẫu cho vật nhiều góc cạnh .Ưu điễm : nhẹ , bền ,tiết kiệm thời gian chỉ bằng thao tác đơn giản chỉnh các góc theo ý muốn và vặn ốc cố định – vậy là bạn đã có mẫu.Khuyết điễm: Ngắn ( cạnh dài nhất chỉ 25 cm ) .Độ dày chỉ 3 mm lại bằng nhựa dẽo nên khó vạch đường thẳng.

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Multi-Purpose Use

Work with ease, swiftness and precision on a wide variety of projects! Use this angleizer tool to measure and cut materials for stone patios, arches, plumb cuts and tile, carpet, laminate and wood flooring. Save yourself from the headaches, frustration and inefficiency that stems from repetitive measurements and inaccurately cut materials!

Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler as a Gift Ideas

Looking for a practical gift idea for a handyman, carpenter or weekend warrior? This multi-angle measuring template is an essential for every DIY tool supply.

Product Specs

  • Length: 12.2” ( 30.9 cm)
  • Width: 6.9” (17.6 cm)
  • Thickness: 1” (2.6 cm)
  • Collapsed: 13 x 2 inch (33 cm x 5 cm)

Anyways, I just wanted to share my little experience with this tool and if any of you are interested into trying it out


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